Weiyuan DEng Algorithm Engineer


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Mapping and Localization

Accurate Docking

Velocity Control

Magnetic Tracking System

Music Classification and Robot Dancing

Card Classification

Baxter Robot Control and Shuffle

Machine Design: High Capacity Ball Feeder and Plastic Crusher

Modeling: Lithium Ion Battery and Arching Effect of Sand

About Me Robotics Fan

The seed of researching into the combination of computer vision and robotics was rooted in my mind during my undergraduate study. From my working experiences in SLAM algorithm development, I confirmed that I have a strong desire to seek advanced study in graduate school in order to conduct research of interest in scene reconstruction and tracking and go further in the specific field in the future, so that my past experience in both research and work could be applied to the area and thus better serve my future research and career in the field.

During my study, BSc Theoretical and Applied Mechanics programme in China has laid stress on the theoretical study in science and mathematics, while BSc Mechanical Engineering and MSc Robotics in the US have improved my integrated abilities in programming tremendously through researches. In order to create robots with effective functions, I learned a lot of knowledge from different disciplinary and quickly applied them into research and projects.

I would like to contribute my ideas and passion in the field, and hopefully, become an outstanding female researcher.